Inkweasel is designed to give the user unlimited machine control power with the touch of a screen or voice commands. With 5 presets for AC and 5 for DC you can easily go save and return to settings you love. The app features two knobs for tuning needle height and frequency and makes extremely precise fine-tuning a cake walk. This version has three wave forms to choose from; The Shark Tooth wave is the first audio wave specifically designed for tattooing. The Hammer Head is a modified square wave with an initial spike in power. It is just that, the Hammer!

It is the wave of choice for fat lines and colour packing.

The Jaws wave is a modified sine wave with an increased initial slope. This wave is the butter wave. Nice and soft and a great starter wave for anyone using the machine for the first


Voice commands include; weasel on, weasel off, weasel

DC, weasel AC, weasel shark tooth, weasel hammerhead, weasel jaws, weasel 1, weasel 2, weasel 3, weasel 4, weasel 5 (for presets). It uses some power and works offline. Switch it ON or OFF using mic icon (or

"weasel microphone off" while ON) Instead of "weasel" you can also call your machine using "hey machine" or

"ink weasel" or "electric shark" followed by any of the above commands.