Getting Started

basic start up
Before you try and tattoo please watch the start up video and read this whole page.
 1. Always plug in all cords to the power supply before you plug it into the wall socket.
2. Download the Ink weasel app onto your phone or mobile device.
3. Connect your device via bluetooth to "bluetooth Audio". you should hear a click.  If your device ask for a pass code it's 0000
4. Make sure your phone volume is all the way up and the knob on the amp is at its lowest setting.
5. For Audio / AC machines  first be sure the supply is switched the up position.  Start with a 94hz hammerhead wave. To save this as a preset hold down any of the preset buttons for two seconds. Engage the foot pedal and turn up the knob on the supply until it is where you want it. At this point you should be able to control all functions from the app.
 6. For DC machines make sure the switch on the supply is set to DC and then hit the DC output preset. then same as before engage the foot pedal and slowly turn up the knob to the desired power.  
7. For long stroke lining I use 94hz and for my basic color packing and whip shading I use 89hz. Defiantly take some time to get familiar with the feel of the different waveforms and how they react at different hz. 
When the bluetooth connection is broken or when you leave the app it may be necessary to close and re open the app. 
it is a good idea to work in airplane mode to prevent any interruptions.
As the machines break in it may be nessaey to adjust the spring tintion but once it is set and broken in this should not ever be needed again. 
the most common issue is bad carts. If you are having a no movement but you hear something going on issue first pull the cart. most the time this fixes it.