Pros Only

The V1 is here!!!!!
Intro the V1 production Inner-Coil #1. Now made with machined base plates and vices strait from the pros at Lucky's Supply.  These machines have been field tested for 6 months straight now and have evolved into the perfect configuration. The time of the beta is passed  There are some major price adjustments as well. All machines will be sold separately from power supplies from here on out and the base model will be 425 plus shipping and go up from there depending on how customized it is..

Matching power supplies made by me will be in the $200 range or you can get one made from @davidpresleytattoos ranging from 120 to 250. Or you can make your own for about 60 bucks if you're halfway electrically inclined. .

In order to purchase  an inner coil you must exhibit excellent work and have at least 5 years of COIL MACHINE experience!!!! I am not trying to sell these to people that do not understand how to get what they want out of a coil machine. People that do will understand the power this machine holds. If you are one of those people and would like to have one for your self message me. Cheers!!!