Ink Weasel
the future of tattooing
Ink we sell

The Ink Weasel App is the first app ever developed to operate a tattoo machine. Based on a common tone generator, it is specifically designed to give the user unlimited machine control power with the touch of a screen. With 5 presets, you can easily go save and return to settings you love. The app features a 10 turn pot, making extremely precise fine-tuning a cake walk. The first version has 3 wave forms to choose from, but will soon have more. The Shark Tooth wave is the first audio wave specifically designed for tattooing. It can be reversed with the 180 phase switch for either a harder or softer hit. The Hammer Head is a modified square wave with an initial spike in power. It is just that, the Hammer! It is the wave of choice for fat lines and color-packing. It is also the best so far for frequencies below 60hz, as it has a very dramatic negative pulse. The Jaws wave is a modified sine wave with an increased initial slope. This wave is the butter wave. Nice and soft and a great starter wave for anyone using the machine for the first time. 

Beyond just making a tone generator app, we have gone all out to create the absolute cleanest and most stable signals possible. Using an analog oscilloscope and digital track studies, we have developed completely glitch-free digital signals with a 4x needed buffer. In lamens terms that means- Shyt runs good af!!!

The App truly is the future of tattooing. We are already working on making it voice-activated and hands-free, along with adding a draw-your-own-wave function. Soon there will be a user database allowing you to save settings between devices. This will also allow us to study and really zero in on what waves work the best for what jobs and really help dramatically increase healing times and color retentions.